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Free Cooling System Test

There is no more important part of your car than the cooling system, so we are offering a Free Cooling System Test. Even a small water leak in the cooling system can lead to massive damage to your car engine with the . . . resultant massive costs to get it fixed.

So it is worth popping into Exhausts and Mechanical at Labrador & Biggera Waters, QLD for a Free Cooling System Test.

What can go wrong?

Your car’s engine needs water to keep it from overheating.

Water and the radiator help to transfer heat away from the engine where extreme temperatures are generated when the air/fuel mixture explodes in the engine cylinders.

It is these mini-explosions that drive your car !

Read our other blog post on cooling systems here.

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How do we do it?

As Allan explains in this video, car manufacturers have created a lot of variation in radiator cap designs.

You could argue that they are looking for the most efficient way of sealing the cooling system.

You could also argue, tongue in cheek, that they are seeking to restrict the supply of spare parts and servicing to their brand dealerships.

Either way, it is having the effect of making it harder for the home mechanic to service and maintain their own vehicles.

And it is making it more and more expensive for the independent mechanics to keep up with the equipment required.

Our commitment

At Exhausts and Mechanical at Labrador & Biggera Waters, QLD, we are committed to keeping up to date with these requirements so that we can provide you with a reliable and cost efficient alternative to dealership repairs.

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