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When a car owner services his/her automobile, they often forget about the exhaust system. They don’t quite realise that they play such a vital role, not being just a noise quiller or a muffler as what other people thought.

Does an exhaust system only help minimize the noise a car makes?

If you think it’s just as simple as that, well you’re thinking wrong. It also helps your engine become more powerful as the exhaust systems actually takes away or filters unneeded or excess gases made by the oxidization inside your car’s engine which contributes to lessen air pollution.

Inside your exhaust system, gases move through to the back of your car and at the same time, gases are being evaluated by oxygen sensors. Then the catalytic converter restrains the gases which are finally suppressed by the muffler.

This way, exhaust systems makes your car cleaner, smoother and quieter, making the driver’s ride more comfortable anywhere they go.

What are the signs that the exhaust system already needs a replacement?

Your car has a check engine light that will be activated whenever a problem occurs within your exhaust system. So, whenever you notice that this light is on, go and check on it as it might need a replacement soon.

There is an exhaust leakage – it can be caused from worn exhaust gasket or manifolds that contain small holes and cracks on it.

It produces excessive loud noise within the catalytic converters – It is a result of clogging or deterioration that leads to overheating.

Clamps, bracket hangers and pipes are hanging too low – you need to check on your bolts and fittings to see if it has damage and already rotten and rusted.

Excessive vibrations – if you hear a hard loud noise, it indicates that your clamp is already worn or it is a loosen bracket.

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms within your car exhaust system you definitely need to find a replacement as it will totally affect your car’s performance.

Pointers to keep in mind when repairing/replacing any exhausts system parts on your car

Replacing or repairing your exhaust system will surely increase its performance level and add power and peak efficiency to your vehicle.

  • By choosing an exhausts system that fits with the type of your car you have can boost your engine’s power. It is recommended to choose one with a similar diameter as an installed factory pipe.
  • It is good to replace your standard exhaust system with an after-market performance muffler as it will make your engine work efficiently.
  • Choose to replace your exhaust system with branded parts as these manufacturers really give the best quality high standard auto exhaust parts that will save your money.
  • Lastly, it will be most beneficial for you to take your car to a professional repair shop before you notice your exhaust is getting too loud.

What should you do now?

Our exhausts systems, whether standard or after market, will keep your engine running at peak efficiency and saving you money. Our range of exhausts systems cover virtually every vehicle make and model, (including 4WD and European), and will be expertly fitted to your vehicle.

Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Bosch Auto Service NDM now

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