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Service and Repairs

We provide Mechanical Service and Repairs, performing routine maintenance which can help promote your car’s overall health. The reality is that the cost of car servicing has not increased all that much over the years. Of course, that is often a different story at the car dealerships. But at Bosch Auto Service NDM You get a very good value deal. The challenge that the independent mechanics face is the amount of specialised equipment they are required to own.

 Manufacturers can’t have always used unique parts in their cars. Things such as oil filters and fans belts have been available in the aftermarket and generic supplies Making it relatively easy for the DIY home mechanic to service their own car.

But in the pursuit of reducing manufacturing costs, and bringing car servicing back into the dealerships, the cars manufacturers are increasingly building cars that require unique and expensive tools to service the car.

This puts car servicing outside of the realm of the home mechanic. Because he simply cannot afford to buy all of the specialised parts and tools needed. Taking your car to a professional service technician such as Bosch Auto Service NDM in is the easiest and safest way to ensure that your vehicle is in top operating condition.  Let us thoroughly check your car and inform you of any mechanical or safety issues.

Service and Repairs

As part of that service, we would like to share with you helpful car-care tips:

  • Preserve your engine’s power.  Every engine has different needs and getting regular tune-ups improves your car’s fuel system performance, lowers dangerous emissions and restores lost power to your vehicle.  We advise that it is best to have your car engine wash at least once every year. A clean engine will enable you to easily spot any leaks or see clearly which components needs servicing before the problem gets worst.  An engine that is clean runs cooler than a dirty one.
  • Spark plug gives power to move your vehicle and needs to be in good condition; replace misfiring spark plug to revitalize your engine and to avoid as much as 30 percent reduction of your fuel efficiency.
  • In order for your vehicle’s engine run properly, make sure that the fuel injectors and the fuel intake system is cleaned regularly.  Dirt and other deposits which clogged the fuel injectors over time can restrict the right amount of fuel that needs to be delivered to the engine; resulting to deterioration in performance of your car’s engine.
  • Using the right motor oil grade can improve your car’s gas mileage by 1 to 2 percent.  Remember to choose a motor oil that contains friction-reducing additives, or motor oil with a label that reads “energy conserving” on its API performance.  Regular oil change can also flush abrasive dirt and metal particles out of the engine, prolonging your engine’s life.
  • Another factor that can help get you better engine performance and best gas mileage is to change the oil filters regularly to avoid any build-up of old oil and dirt particles from mixing with the new clean oil.
  • Make sure to also have clean air filters; this can improve your gas mileage by 10 percent.  It is best to replace air filters every three months.
  • We suggest that unless your car requires premium gasoline, fill-up your car with the lowest grade or octane of gasoline which is suitable for your car.  Keep in mind, an expensive premium fuel won’t boost your car’s performance or its fuel economy – so, why spend for a high-octane fuel?
  • Don’t top off your gas tank when filling for gas; any excess will just seep out of the tank and you will just end up paying for gas which your car won’t be able to use anyway.  Make sure to always tighten up the gas cap and check if the cap is damaged each time you fuel up your car; or else gas will only escape and evaporate.

We hope that these tips will help guide you on the proper way to care and maintain for your vehicle.  We still recommend that you bring your vehicle in for an Obligation-Free Checkup and to discuss with us any concerns that you may have. Well, that is quite simple really!

A service replaces the fluids and lubricants that are required to keep your engine running efficiently. If these are not replaced when scheduled, then the wear and tear on the engine increases dramatically.

What should you do now?

Saving on gas these days is a big help.

Make no mistake, at Bosch Auto Service NDM, we’re here to ensure your vehicle’s performance and value live on. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us.

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