Importance of Regular Tire Rotation

For vehicle owners, regular tire rotation is an essential part of regular maintenance. It will extend the lifespan of the tire, and improve the safety of your vehicle. There are some massive benefits of regular tire rotation.


Tires at the front axle of your car wear differently than those at the rear axle. Proper rotation will extend the life of your tires by ensuring that they are all bearing an even amount of wear and tread over time. Distributing the amount of wear on all four tires evenly will prevent two of them from wearing down more quickly than they should.

Improved Mileage 

Since tire rotation contributes to reducing uneven wear and tear on tires, it works to improve gas mileage. Uneven wear can increase tires’ rolling resistance, which is the force needed to get the tire rolling from a stopped position. The more resistance the car experiences, the more fuel it will burn. Low rolling resistance means less force is needed to move the tire, which then means less fuel consumption. If you are looking for a way to improve your car’s gas mileage, scheduling regular tire rotations is a great way to both keep your tires in good shape and spend less at the pump.

Money Saving 

Car owners know that tires can be expensive. That is why having your tires rotated regularly is a critical part of cost-efficient vehicle maintenance. If some of your tires wear down faster than they are supposed to, you may have to replace them much sooner than you would have needed to otherwise.

Improved Handling 

Vehicles that are operating on worn-down tires, whether at the back or front, are at increased accident risk. One set of tires with less tread than the other set can cause an imbalance that leads to reduced control over the vehicle. Tires with uneven wear can also cause vehicle vibration, which is especially noticeable in the steering wheel. Properly rotated tires have a uniform tread depth across all four tires, which helps with braking and accelerating and contributes to a smoother, safer, more comfortable ride overall.

Tires wear at different rates depending on a lot of factors. It is generally recommended that drivers have their tires rotated by an auto technician approximately every 4000 miles, or six months, on average. Please call us for more info or contact us.

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