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Keep Me Cool!

When it’s hot and steamy and air-conditioning is not running, it really sucks. Does it not?

With only about 1 percent of all brand new cars coming without automotive air-conditioning, it is a widespread issue.

And we knew it when it’s missing or removed.

Keep Me Cool!

Well, we really find it so valuable for comfort and safety that making sure it is in proper condition and ready to go on sizzling hot day is for our comfort and most especially for our health.

Automotive air-conditioning maintenance

Proper maintenance will help ensure that you are not caught out in the heat.

An auto air conditioner’s job is to remove or transfer the hot air from within the car and pass it to the atmosphere outside the car.

Especially on those days when we needed it the most; like on hot sunny seasons. The air conditioner has a numerous components that make it up to work adequately.

These are:

  • the condenser,
  • the compressor, and
  • the evaporator.

Just like all automated components, these are not free from wear and tear.

They also need proper care and maintenance.

You need to consider the company or technician that you will be using. Make sure that the technician or the company is fully qualified and a certified repairer to execute the service and to keep your car’s conditioner running at its BEST.

Word of Advice

Keep the gas pressure good and maintain the valves, hoses, seal compressor etc – Just work the aircon once a week for a couple of minutes, as easy as that.

Remove fog or moisture, avoid mustiness and avoid that icky smell in the system Simply set your air conditioning system and turn the fan speed to the highest. Turn the ‘defrost’ mode for at least 12 minutes. Simple!

Improve your view; wipe out windscreen moisture Turn on your air conditioner not just in summer season but also in winter.

Keep the car’s aerodynamics good and keeping the passengers and the driver SAFEKeep all your windows closed.

Before hot season starts, it is recommended to take an entire air conditioning service for at least once a year just to keep you from unexpected trouble at the beginning of the summer and keep you cool!

Well, that is quite simple really!

What should you do now?

  1. Book your car in for service or repairs now.
  2. Our mechanics are carefully selected so our customers can expect the same high level of service and honesty every time.
  3. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Bosch Auto Service NDM now.


A lot of people let it go too long; Proper maintenance on the car is the life of the car
~ Jim Baker

Remember – Keep Me Cool!

Bosch Auto Service
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