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The Cost Of Car Servicing

The reality is that the cost of car servicing has not increased all that much over the years.

Of course, that is often a different story at the car dealerships.

But at the independent mechanics like exhaust and mechanical at Labrador & Biggera Waters, QLD, You get a very good value deal.

The challenge that the independent mechanics face is the amount of specialised equipment they are required to own.

Can’t manufacturers have always used unique parts in their cars. Things such as oil filters and fans belts have been available in the aftermarket and generic supplies Making it relatively easy for the DIY home mechanic to service theIr own car.

But in the pursuit of reducing manufacturing costs, and bringing car servicing back into the dealerships, the cars manufacturers are increasingly building cars that require unique and expensive tools to service the car.

This puts car servicing outside of the realm of the home mechanic. Because he simply cannot afford to buy all of the specialised parts and tools needed.

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