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Tyre Care Tips

Tyres lasts longer with proper care, it is one of the most important components of the overall safety of your vehicle on the road.  According to the tyre experts, proper care of your vehicle tyres can lengthen its thread life by as much as 50% and still get maximum mileage, safety and wear at no extra cost!

Tyre Care Tips

Bosch Auto Service NDM in recommends inspecting your tyres at least once a month for signs of damage and uneven tire wear.  Tyres should have plenty of thread depth in order to provide grip on the road and be able to send away standing water from between the road surface and the tyre.  Using worn out tyres would cause loose traction more easily on wet roads resulting in reduced handling and stopping power.

Tyre pressures should also be checked regularly; under inflated tyres run hotter than properly inflated ones and wear the outside edges faster than the tread in the centre of the tyre, which can be very dangerous because the tyre can overheat and blowout.  On the average, tyres loose one or two pounds of air per month in cool weather; while in warmer months, it can lose even more.

On the other hand, It is a common mistake to put too much air in the tyre in order for the tyres to roll more easily, thus improving gas mileage; but in reality, over inflation causes premature tread wear in the centre of the tyre which can also lead to a blowout.  Keep in mind that the cost of excessive tread wear and the danger of a blowout offset more than the small increase in fuel economy.

This seem to be easier said than done since it is almost impossible to tell when a tire is over or underinflated on today’s low profile radial tires; and relying on air pump machines at the local gas station will often be inaccurate.  Remember to check your tyre when the rubber is cool, the best time is in the morning before you’ve driven the car.  The reason for this is that the air in the tire expands as it heats up, increasing pressure and thus can give you an inaccurate reading.

Improper tyre pressure levels aren’t the tyre’s only nemesis. Uneven tyre wear such as cupping and feathering can be caused by a misaligned suspension, out-of-balance tyres, as well as bad shock absorbers or struts. Rectifying these problems will make your ride more efficient, will turn your car into asafer vehicle and help extend tyre life.

At Bosch Auto Service NDM in Labrador & Biggera Waters, QLD, we do service guarantee of checking the proper tyre pressures and tyre wear including the spare tyre.  We make sure that your tire pressure will be compatible to your tyre type and to your vehicle’s size and weight.  With our extensive experience and expertise in checking and repairing shocks, springs and suspension components, we can certainly help you with all your suspension work.

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Remember – Tyre Care Tips

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