Check Dash Light

Why is My Check Engine Light on?

You’re driving your car, or maybe you just turned it on, when suddenly you notice a yellow light illuminating on your car’s dashboard.

Like most car owners, chances are you haven’t a clue what could be wrong.

The check engine light is the most mysterious of all of the dashboard lights, as well as the most menacing.

Check Engine Light Dash Lights Service Maintenance Pep BoysIt’s one thing when your TPMS light comes on, but it’s a whole different ball game when there could be something wrong with your engine.

The check engine light can mean many different things, from a loose gas cap to a seriously misfiring engine.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to abandon ship and immediately pull your car over to the side of the road, but to be safe, it’s best to make an appointment at your local service center to see what may be wrong.

If you’re less prone to panicking, and instead, you’re asking yourself, “How long can I drive with the check engine light on?”, then chances are you may need to read on from here.

Source: Check Engine Light | Dash Lights | Service Maintenance | Pep Boys

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