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Check Engine Light

Engine Performance
Warning Signs

When your vehicle experiences failure, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly from where the issue is stemming.

The major systems in your vehicle generally exhibit unique warning signs which act of signs of failure.

Check Engine Light Car Engine Engine Warning Signs Pep BoysWhether the issue is stemming from your shocks or struts, electrical system, brakes or heating and cooling system, knowing what to look and listen for will help you get the issue resolved quickly and with the minimum amount of inconvenience.

As the performance of your engine starts to diminish, the system might exhibit warning signs that are unique.

Understanding these signs will assist you in identifying when they occur and what to do when it happens.

Remember that your engine is an extremely complicated system and, as such, requires preventative maintenance. Keep your engine properly tuned up for maximum performance.

Source: Check Engine Light | Car Engine | Engine Warning Signs | Pep Boys

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