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Free Winter Bosch Battery checkup

Free Winter Bosch Battery checkup

Trouble starting your car? It could be that your battery is dying of cold. When the temperature drops, your batter’s ability to start and run the car is diminished, so more current is needed. This is especially true if it’s been three years or more after you installed it. Your car won’t run without a battery. It’s essential to keep a vehicle moving and it powers up all the electrical components of your car. And one of its most important function? Sending power to the starter to fire up the engine. This is why among the first warning signs of a battery problem you’ll probably notice are the sluggish sounds when turning on the ignition. 

Cold conditions do take its toll on a car battery. Aside from keeping the engine running, it has to power the car’s other systems that use electricity like headlights and windshield wipers.

When you encounter battery issues, it doesn’t mean that you should replace it outright. Sometimes the problem lies with loose or broken wires, and terminals that are full or dust or grime. If this is the case, a simple cleaning procedure can get improve vehicle performance.

But the best thing to do is to get a routine checkup when the seasons change. Why? Because summer heat can also negatively affect batter performance, and if neglected, can make your car more vulnerable to problems in wintertime.

Contact us, or Phone, 07 3067 8608 to claim your free winter battery checkup today.

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