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PT5 PLUS Concentrated Petrol Treatment

The cost of fuel has recently seen an overall jump of almost 10%.

And prices can vary up and down throughout the week by 10 cents per litre or more.

So, anything that helps reduce petrol costs is worth a good look.

Petrol Treatments have been around for years, but have become much more

PT5 PLUS Concentrated Petrol Treatment

relevant with the introduction of:

  • lower Octane fuels,
  • bio-fuels and
  • cars requiring higher Octance fuel to run efficiently

Some of the benefits of using the PT5 PLUS Concentrated Petrol Treatment include:

  1. Surfactant – helps control water by breaking down its surface tension in fuel systems.
  2. Detergent – helps clean fuel system, cylinders and exhaust.
  3. Top Oil – lubricates valves and upper cylinder area.
  4. Octane Enhancer – enhances burn regardless of fuel octane rating.
  5. Combustion Modifier – helps smooth flame progression for more complete combustion of fuel.

First thing to note is that adding the Fuel Treatment can save you money rather than costing you more.

By adding PT5 PLUS to your fuel tank, it is possible to buy a lower Octane fuel resulting in substantial savings at the petrol bowser.

The Regular Use of PT5 PLUS can:PT5

  • Save Money
  • Save Energy
  • Increase Engine Power
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Clean Spark Plugs
  • Clean and Free Sticky Valves
  • Clean Engine while Driving
  • Create Film of Lubricant
  • Reduce Unburned Hydrocarbons in Exhaust
  • Smooth Engine Operation
  • Remove Gum from Carburettor
  • Prolong Engine Life
  • Maintain Fuel Injector Cleanliness
  • Improve Combustion
  • Fight Air Pollution
  • Control Water and Condensation in Tanks, Lines and Filters

Download the full brochure here:

PT5 PLUS Concentrated Petrol Treatment

We are happy to answer any more questions you may have regarding Fuel Treatments and Additives.

Also available in bulk quantities for fleet and commercial users.

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