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The Wheel And Tyre Bible

Rotating your tyres

This is the practice of swapping the front and back tyres to even out the wear, not the practice of literally spinning your tyres around.

(You’d be surprised how often people seem to get confused by this).

I used to believe that this wasn’t a good idea.

Car Bibles The Wheel And Tyre BibleThink about it: the tyres begin to wear in a pattern, however good or bad, that matches their position on the car.

If you now change them all around, you end up with tyres worn for the rear being placed on the front and vice versa.

However, having had this done a few times both on front-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles during manufacturer services, I’ a bit of a convert.

I now reckon it actually is A Good Thing.

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Source: Car Bibles : The Wheel and Tyre Bible

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