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Thermo Fan

Here is another pointer on cooling systems.

A very important part of cooling system is understanding the thermo fan. Manufacturers put them on cars to give you better fuel economy.

While the engine is cool, the gel inside the thermo coupling is flexible and so the fan does not turn.

As it heats up, the gel becomes less liquid and the increased friction inside the coupling causes it to lock up and so the fan turns and helps cool the engine.

What that means, when you put your hands on the fan and turn it you should have a resistance there if the engine is hot.

As the engine temperature’s come up the gel inside this fan hub solidifies makes it locked up which then pulls the air right through the radiator to cooler.

As it cools down, it then goes back to spinning free, and that’s what they called a thermo fan.

These fans are used because a solid fan takes seven horse power out of the engine to drive.

Subsequently, when it’s not driving, you get better fuel economy. But when it doesn’t work, you’ll incur the wrath of being over heated, especially in summer time.

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. If you want your car to be perfect, you need to understand every part of it.
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Remember – Thermo Fan

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