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Check Engine Light On?

If you’re a fan of Big Bang Theory, (TV show), then you know that Penny put a sticker over her “check engine light” to stop it’s annoying flashing in her face.

And Sheldon rightly says, the “check engine light” means you should check your engine!

And while Sheldon is somewhat obsessive compulsive about it, he is no less correct for that . . .

I’m sure that this scenario has been played out in other TV comedies and movies.

Regardless of whether your car is old or new, they all have some form of check engine light.

Some are driven by simple switches in the engine, and on newer cars they are managed by complex computer systems.

Either way – they generally mean that there is an issue with your engine that almost certainly will turn expensive if not looked at very soon.

In fact, it is often a good idea to pull of the road immediately until it can be checked by a mechanic.

So if your check engine light comes on . . . call us immediately.

Check Engine Light On

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